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Water Heater Promotion

*Prices are valid in-store only for a limited time, while quantities last. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

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Imagine this – you finally treated yourself and upgraded your bathroom to the spa-worthy sanctuary you deserve...


A rainfall shower head, advanced control features to get everything just right and even jets to massage your stress of the day away.

You step in and it is everything you dreamed of. Finally, two pure minutes of interrupted peace, when all of a sudden...


It can't possibly be! Serenity dissipates, and you feel the water temperature dropping, a little bit at first, but rapidly picking up pace...

You jump out as fast as you can, find your towel and feel... well disappointed.


Your spa is meant to be an oasis, and who intends to visit an oasis for a mere two minutes?


Upgrade your water heater to get the
most out of your new bathroom fixtures.


A more efficient hot water heater saves on costs and maintenance; watch for increased bills as older units may require more energy or repairs.


Upgraded hot water heater technology is increasingly efficient, potentially saving you money on your utility bill if your home still relies on an older model.


The recovery rate of a water heater defines how quickly it reheats water, which is crucial during busy household times. A better recovery rate means that no one is left in the cold.

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John Wood is a leading force in water heating solutions. Their unwavering commitment to quality shines through in meticulously crafted products that surpass industry standards. Cutting-edge technology ensures efficient, reliable performance tailored to individual needs. With a diverse range of options, John Wood provides the perfect fit for every home. Choose John Wood for its enduring value and a legacy of trust in water heating. Elevate your experience to ensure you get the most our of your new bathroom fixtures.

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