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4 Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Fall

With the cooler temperatures looming, it is important to tackle a few plumbing tasks before it really gets cold out there. Checking these four duties off your to-do list now can save you from costly issues down the road.

1. Take Time to Fix Leaks

Survey your home for existing or potential leaks as minor ones can usually be fixed by adjusting the fittings. For more serious issues, plumbers’ putty can make for a temporary solution until the leak can be professionally and properly repaired.

2. Add Pipe Insulation As Needed

Adding a layer of foam insulation can give you that extra layer of protection, especially for those pipes in non-heated areas, like a crawl space. Afterall, nobody wants to deal with a busted pipe in the cold winter months!

3. Look After Your Water Heater

In the colder seasons, your water heater needs to work harder! To get your water heater running as efficiently as possible, have the tank completely flushed to remove sediment buildup.

4. Disconnect Garden Hoses

If you leave your hoses connected, any residual water can freeze and expand. This can cause the faucets and connected pipes inside your home to burst. After disconnecting your hoses, make sure the spigots are not leaking.

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