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5 Tips for Buying the Right Toilet

You may think that all toilets are made equal, but nothing could be further from the truth. With toilets ranging in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, the differences can vary quite a bit, and knowing what to choose can make a big difference.

1. Check for Efficiency

Toilets can account for nearly 30% of your household's water use, so finding an efficient toilet can definitely help you save. Finding a high-efficiency toilet is as easy as finding a toilet with a low gpf rating (1.28 gpf or less is recommended).

2. Seat Height

The height of your toilet can really change the comfort level, so finding the right height matters. Your best bet is to test out the toilet in the showroom to make sure you feel comfortable with the height. ADA height is recommended giving you a bit more height and comfort.

3. Bowl Shape

Another factor affecting comfort is the bowl shape. There are two main types: elongated and round. Depending on your size and body type, elongated may be preferable as it larger and allows for more seating space, whereas round is more compact and better suited for small spaces.

4. Visible or Concealed Trapways

One of the not so fun features of owning a toilet is cleaning one. However, with the advent of the concealed trapways, the grooves and lines that normally came with the toilet are no longer there.. This makes for an easy clean with a smooth straight surface, However, concealed trapways can be more costly, so a visible trapway may still be a better option.

5. 1-Piece or 2-Piece

With the new 1-piece toilets, they are not only easier to clean (they have no seam between the tank and bowl), they also need very little maintenance and have little to no chance of leaking. However, these conveniences come with a larger price tag. Also, consider 2-piece toilets aren't just cheaper, but are lighter making them easier to install in case you decide to do so.

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