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Basement Bathroom Considerations

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Adding a bathroom to your basement will not only help you enjoy the space a lot more, but it will also increase the value of your property. Not having to run upstairs every time nature calls is a great feeling, especially if you have a finished basement that serves as a game room or an additional bedroom.

If you are planning on adding a bathroom in your basement, there are a number of things you must consider and the proper planning is very important so that you don’t run into problems afterwards.

Below-ground plumbing is complicated and not as easy as the plumbing found on upper floors, which is why all plumbing related issues must be addressed before the bathroom project begins to ensure that your basement is set up properly. These issues should be discussed and reviewed by a professional contractor who is familiar with zoning aspects and restrictions and any other rules and regulations that must be followed for this type of building project. Design aspects must be considered carefully to make the process easier and placing the new bathroom as close to the existing plumbing and electrical wiring as possible is a great start. If the basement bathroom is placed directly below the one located on the floor above, it will make the hook-up of utilities a lot easier and also less expensive.

You also have to consider the type of bathroom you want, whether it’s a full bathroom that includes a bathtub or a half-bath that only has a sink and toilet. Adding a tub will make the project even more complicated, so keep that in mind if it’s something you really want. Next, you’ll have to think about drainage and your basement bathroom must be able to move waste down the pipes so that the toilet, sink, and tub do not experience drainage issues. Plumbing depth and pipe size are the two main issues that will have to be considered first. A plumber will then have to determine the flow rate and make sure it’s capable of removing waste.

The different toilet options are something you have to think about as well, and you can choose between a pressure-assisted toilet or a self-contained unit that sits directly on the floor, so you won’t have to remove any of the concrete or excavate in order to install one. Composting toilets are also available if you’re looking for an eco-friendly solution. Bathtubs and showers share many of the same concerns as toilets and once these considerations have been addressed you will then have to think about lighting which is a must for any bathroom.

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