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Cozy Hacks to Avoid Turning Up the Thermostat

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Hopefully, the end is near when it comes to horribly cold weather, but we may have to endure a few more chilly days before the spring hits! If you feel like the efficiency of your home’s heating could be improved, contact Our Parts Counter for assistance. And if you’re just looking to save a little money by avoiding the thermostat, try out these cozy hacks to get through the rest of winter.

Add Rugs and Runners

For a lot of people, once their feet are cold – it’s game over. If your home is filled with cold tile or non-carpeted flooring, add a rug or two! What a warm way to add a little more décor to your home.

Space Out Your Bed

If your bed is right up against the wall (especially an outside wall) this can make it colder. If you have the room, move your bed. Even slightly pushing your bed away from the wall could make a huge difference in your comfort.

Keep Busy

Moving around is a great way to get the blood flowing and warm you up. Is there a project that you’ve been putting off? Try tackling it when you’re cold. Afterall, as nice as it would be, that laundry isn’t going to fold itself!

Bake Something

Some people turn the oven on to increase the heat in the house. So, why not bake something while you’re at it? The smell of fresh baked cookies can really add another element of comfort in the home.

Shower or Run a Bath

If you’re chilled to the bone, sometimes a quick shower or bath is all you need to get your core temperature up. And if you want to warm up WHILE relaxing, check out 5 Tips for the Most Relaxing Bath You'll Ever Take.


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