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Lighting Fixtures for a Modern Bedroom

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

The bedroom is often the space that you occupy most and along with decorating it to your likening, you need ideal lighting to match! Choosing the appropriate lighting for your bedroom can be difficult because you have to consider the various activities you’ll need lighting for in that space. From getting dressed in the morning to reading or watching television after work, the right lighting is crucial to complete tasks with ease.

Check out bedroom lighting basics below:

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting applies to light that is already present in the space before additional lights are installed. It refers to an emphasis on natural lighting that emits from the sun and lighting outside but also applies to low-key lighting fixtures. Lighting that releases a warm glow in the bedroom allows you to complete tasks without overwhelming the room with bright lighting. Ambient lighting is most suited for ceiling fixtures or floor lamps to provide a soft, subtle light. You should start with ambient lighting in the room that makes the space more welcoming, comfortable and stylish.

Task Lighting

Certain tasks in your bedroom require more focus, and therefore, need adequate lighting. Task lights can be applied on top of ambient lighting and in areas that you will utilize the lighting, including your desk, bed, makeup area or the TV area. This lighting can be applied to table lamps, desk lights, low-hanging lights or pendants, and wall-mounted lights installed to the bed’s headboard for reading or completing work in the evenings. Task lighting provides ample lightning effectively for you to complete tasks without eye strain, which is why it’s essential for your space.

Accent Lighting

Your bedroom is the ideal location to show off your artwork, trophies, stylish outfits, furniture and other important decorative pieces that you’re proud of. Without accent lighting to highlight these components, your favourite pieces will hide in the shadows. Accent lighting perfectly accentuates these features with a subdued glow that builds a comfortable atmosphere for yourself and guests. Accent lighting comes in a variety of forms from wall sconces, tap lights, picture lights, and track lighting. These lighting fixtures illuminate your keepsakes without taking away from the mood of the bedroom. Accent lighting will perfectly enhance the modern, stylish bedroom design you want to achieve.

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