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Summer-Ready Outdoor Patio

Transform your outdoor patio into the ultimate summer hangout! We naturally gravitate towards spaces that invite us to sit and stay awhile. Make your patio or deck more appealing to your guests by first creating distinct and purposeful zones that pull people in, like a lounge, bar or outdoor kitchen and dining area.

Comfortable Hangout Zones

You can use a fire pit as a focal point for your lounge area. Summertime calls for s'mores and ghost stories. Give people a good excuse to gather around by making it a focal point of your sitting area. Pile on some pillows for style and comfort. Top each seating area with a cute, all-weather cushion. Mix some vibrant colours with some funky prints while keeping everything cohesive.

Organic Feel with Greenery

What would an oasis be without lush greenery? Make your space feel far away from everyday stressors and breathe a sigh of relief every time you step outside by putting in planters overflowing with foliage. Mix the type of planters you use, from freestanding to hanging, to create a more organic look.

Bistro Lights for Ambiance

Larger bulbs like this will cast your outdoor space in the most flattering glow and dial up the ambiance. If you put them on a timer, you can enjoy their glow night after night while saving a little money and energy. Enjoy the conversations linger well past dinner!

Weather Resistant

This week's forecast might call for sunshine and blue skies, but there's always a chance of scattered showers this time of year Consider adding some cover to your space that you can use as a shield from the elements.

A weather-resistant rug will not only protect bare feet and pet paws from rough wood planks or concrete but will also serve as a base for your furniture. As you're layering your outdoor sofa and chairs on top, make sure to position just the front legs on the edge of the rug; this will help even the smallest spaces seem a little larger.

Ready to take the first step in creating your summer-ready patio? Check out the brand new outdoor section in our showroom!


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