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Tips to Boost Home Value with Lighting

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

One way of increasing your home’s value is by improving your property. Upgrades can make a big difference, and kitchens and bathrooms are generally prioritized over other rooms. While these spaces certainly do deserve your attention, it’s important not to overlook simple home upgrades because these, too, can increase your home’s value like your home's lighting.

Lighting is an aspect that is often overlooked, yet this affordable and simple upgrade will add value to your home without draining your bank account in the process. If this is something you had not considered, the following tips will provide you with some inspiration so that you can boost the value of your home affordably:

Choose Elegance

This is a great way of elevating the appearance of any space and replacing a boring light with a chandelier (for example) will make a world of difference. This type of light fixture will add elegance to any room and will transform the aesthetics of any space. Do not be intimidated by this idea because there are plenty of affordable options, so you will be able to find something that is in your budget. You also don’t have to limit yourself by choosing a chandelier for a living room or dining room because modern homes place chandeliers in bedrooms and bathrooms as well. Get creative.

Bathroom & Kitchen Focus

Countertops and cabinets get a lot of attention, yet without the proper lighting, these elements will not function the way they should. Kitchens are workspaces and bathrooms are where makeup and hygiene routines take place, so the proper lighting is a must. Make sure you think of the lighting aspect when upgrading these rooms because the right fixtures will make your space seem bigger and more inviting. Poorly lit rooms lack warmth and are not as aesthetically pleasing, so spend some time choosing the proper lighting as kitchens and bathrooms are the two most used spaces in a home.

Natural Light

This option is a bigger undertaking but if you go through a renovation and the addition of windows are possible, add them to your home. Big windows that let in a lot of natural light are very desirable and will increase the value of your home significantly. Let as much natural light as possible into your home because it will make your house feel open and airy.

Outdoor Lighting

Exterior lighting will help your home stand out and will enhance your curb appeal as a result. Lighting should be part of your landscape and should highlight features like pathways, fire pits or water features, for example. Patios, decks and outdoor living spaces should all have the appropriate lighting because it will also enhance the value of your home.

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