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Understanding Pendant Lights

You cannot think about interior lighting design without thinking about pendant lights. There are just so many varieties, each with their own benefits and uses. Here, we will explore all the considerations to make when choosing your next pendant light.


Depending on how lit the room is and how much light you want to be brought from your pendant light(s), will help decide which type of light you want. For rooms that require more brightness, choose pendant lights with clear glass pendants. For create a dimmer, moodier effect, choose pendants with opaque enclosures. Finally, another great option is using a dimmer so you can regulate the brightness to compliment whatever mood you're in.


Pendant lights can really accent any room, even outside the home. Consider the design and aesthetic of each individual room when choosing which pendant light to use, as each room will have a different function than the other. It will also determine how low to hang the light.


Use plumbing fixtures and other hardware finishes as a guide as to what finishes you should look for for your pendant light. For example, if you have a black kitchen faucet, it you suggested to compliment it with pendants lights that also have a black finish.


There are just so many types of pendant lights. Glass pendants are great for really great for lighting up a room, while shade pendants lights give off a more elegant darker style. You can also choose from more classic lantern pendants (perfect for the outdoors), bell pendants, drums pendants, and pendants of different sizes, including mini ones.


You can also group pendant lights; often times in groups of three. This offers the possibility of hanging each light at the same level or at multiple levels, depending on your taste. You can also align them in a straight line or group them in a circle.

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