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7 Reasons to Choose a Sliding Shower Door

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

There are several options to choose from when picking a door for your shower. The type that is best suited to your bathroom will depend on the model of shower you have, the location of the showerhead, access to the plumbing fixtures, the amount of space available, and the people using the shower. A sliding shower door suits most situations well - especially if you want to save space.

Here are seven advantages of picking a sliding door:

Space Saving

Installing a sliding door, instead of a door that swings open, will give you more space in your washroom. You will not have to account for the area that would be taken up by a door opening, making it easier to know how much space you have.

Easy to Use

You can slide these doors to the left or right, allowing for access to the shower from both sides. It can also be more accessible for seniors or family members with special needs.

Simple for Kids

Curtains may seem evident for kids to use in the shower, but many parents have complaints about it. They say their kids usually do not pull the curtains fully closed allowing water to leak out. This gap can lead to water sitting on top of your flooring, which can cause damage over time. Sliding doors overlap, keeping water where it should be. Kids find it easier to close a sliding door than a cumbersome curtain.


Updating your shower's old door or getting rid of its curtains is a quick and inexpensive way to modernize your bathroom. It is the best thing you can do for your bathroom without spending the time and money required for a full-scale renovation. Sliding doors come in several styles with frameless glass being one of the most popular. Glass can be 3/8 or 1/2 inch thick in a wide range of patterns. Gone are the days of aluminum channels that fill with soap scum and hair. The bottom track can now be made to be flat, which is easy for cleaning and a must for wheelchair accessibility.

Increase your Home's Value

The look of the bathroom is a big deciding factor for people when they house hunt, so it is vital that it be modern and functional. Bathroom makeovers have one of the best returns on investment out of all the upgrades you could do to your home. Updated fixtures, like a modern shower door, could almost pay for itself.


Sliding shower doors are not limited to a particular style of bath or shower. Many new models can be adapted to work in a variety of bath and shower arrangements, even nontraditional shower shapes.


This style of door works well in any decor style and fits comfortably in any size washroom. A traditional look can be achieved with a framed door, while a frameless door is considered more modern. Either way, you are bound to enjoy the benefits of a shower door that is convenient, safe, and beautiful.

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