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Bath Design Ideas

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

When it comes to designing your bathroom, your options are endless. Because of that, it can feel challenging trying to narrow down your selection. Here are some design ideas to help you figure out the aesthetic you want your bathroom to resemble.

Clawfoot Tub

One of the classiest pieces you can use in your bathroom is a clawfoot tub. This feature can act as an elegant focal point. Use lush, cream-coloured curtains and a reflective chandelier to pull the room together for a glam look. Pair this tub with transparent shower doors to get the best of traditional and modern design elements.

Zen Design

Set a tranquil vibe in your bathroom if you plan to spend time there unwinding from a long day. Use gold flecks in a white room and add some greenery to bring peace to the place. Install shelving so that you can have your favourite scented candles lit nearby.

Mural Walls

Liven up plain walls with a pattern of delicate flowers or elongated branches. A large wall is a perfect opportunity to showcase unique artwork. Use it as a canvas to surround yourself with whatever you want to be immersed in. It is also a great talking point while showing guests a tour of your home.

Patterned Floors

If you prefer to keep your walls bare, you might want to consider adding a pattern to your flooring. A favourite amongst homeowners is black and white checkered tile floors, which is both eye-catching and classic. This type of flooring looks best when paired with classic features like neutral coloured furniture or the clawfoot tub mentioned earlier.


Consider following a specific style when decorating your bathroom. A sailor theme, for example, is an excellent base to use for decorating. You can mix hues of tan with a pop of navy and add wicker furniture to complete the look.


Use marble tile and paint the ceiling blue to provoke a European-style in the room. Use dim lighting on walls and panels along columns to set the mood. Bathrooms with bright windows and arched doorways complement this style well.


Choose one, neutral colour for the entire room. Doing so can make a small room appear big - especially if you choose lighter hues. An all-white bathroom gives a sense of organization and cleanliness. You can add excitement to this decor by using marbled designs to create texture. Decorate with a simple painting or use foliage if you do not want it to look too simple.

See some more inspiration below:

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