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Clever Ways to Increase Your Bathroom’s Functionality

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Bathrooms are used often and daily and serve a number of different purposes. In order for you to get the most out of this space, it must be functional and the following ideas will help you add both practicality and usability to your home.

Get rid of your traditional tub

This change will add roughly about five square feet of usable space to your bathroom and a shower is a much more practical option. You will be able to bathe more comfortably and your bathroom as a whole will have a lot more room, so the space will feel larger.

Add cabinets

This is a great idea and mirrored medicine cabinets will provide your bathroom with beauty and extra storage space. This is the perfect solution for keeping your bathroom essentials out of sight and cabinets are highly functional and serve multiple purposes. Mirrored cabinets, in particular, are popular because they add depth and you can choose from modern or classic mirror styles based on your design preferences.

Add new lighting fixtures

Many homeowners overlook this aspect, but upgrading your bathroom's light fixtures will make a big difference because the proper lighting will make your space seem bigger and the room will be more functional. You will be able to complete everyday tasks like makeup and hygiene routines more comfortably, and your bathroom will feel more inviting. Poorly lit bathrooms will decrease the functionality of the space, so consider upgrading your fixtures.

Consider bath accessories

This is an extremely simple and affordable way of making your bathroom more functional and a great idea if you want to elevate the appearance of this room. Blending aesthetics and practicality are a great way of achieving a modern look and handy accessories like towel hooks will help with the process. The addition of hooks and other accessories will increase the functionality of any bathroom and is a very practical upgrade.

Add a new vanity

This will improve the storage capacity of your bathroom as well as its usability. Medicine cabinets are great but you will likely not be able to place all of your bathroom essentials inside, so a vanity can provide you with the additional needed storage space. You can keep towels, toiletries and any other items you need in your vanity to provide your bathroom with a spacious and tidy appearance. You will also have more counter space, so you can use that for makeup trays or hygiene products as well. There are many vanity styles to choose from, so you will be able to find something that matches your personal sense of style.

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