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Corner Shower Benefits

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

After a long day at work, jumping into a steamy shower is important; especially if you live in a cold climate. But regardless of where you live, taking a shower in a high-pressure environment is a sure way to relax. That’s hard to do in a shower-tub-combo, as the floor is sure to get soaked and steam escape from the open area. Installing a corner shower gets rid of those problems, while also offering you other life-changing advantages.

Stunning Appearance

When you choose a corner shower design concept, you’re allowing the ultimate oasis into your bathroom. Complete with a heavy-duty glass shower door and rain head accessory, nothing beats the stylish aesthetics of a corner shower, big or small. While traditionally a modern design, corner showers can be customized to any room decor style that fits the rest of your aesthetics. Customization features include tile work, hardware options, and sizing. By the time your new corner shower is complete, it looks like something out of a magazine without taking away from the rest of your gorgeous bathroom.

No Mouldy Curtains

The bacteria that commonly festers in showers is airborne and can find it’s resting place on many surfaces of your shower, including your curtain liners. Shower curtain liners need to be replaced constantly as mould starts building at the bottom. It’s definitely not something you want guests to experience when they stay over. Replacing that nasty curtain with a clean glass door means you never have to worry about mouldy liners again.

Dry Floors

Have a secure seal while in the shower, avoiding the possibility of water leaking out without you noticing until it’s too late and your floors are flooded. Shower's curtains can keep a large amount of water from creating a swimming pool on your bathroom floor, but it’s not strong enough to keep it completely dry. With a glass shower door, that’s no longer an issue. And without water spilling onto your floor, you don’t have to worry about stepping out of the shower, only to slip and fall.

Increases Overall Space

Moving the giant tub you never use to the corner and transforming it into a shower will free up a lot of space, depending on the shower design you choose. Maybe you’ve always wanted a double bathroom vanity but never had space, or have a separate shower and tub for a stress-free evening soak. There’s a lot that you can do in a bathroom remodel by simply switching to a corner shower. Don’t need the extra space? Go for a corner shower anyway, as you can have one that gives you more room to move around without feeling claustrophobic.

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