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Bath Renos: Where to Start

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

The bathroom is a necessary part of every home that is utilized by every person. If you’re sprucing up the rest of your home or wanting a revamp on the bathroom solely, a remodel can do wonders for your home’s interior as a whole. Starting anew with your bathroom to give it a contemporary, stylish and clean look is exciting but is no straightforward task. Before adding or remodelling a bathroom in your home, it’s crucial to understand the important costs and requirements associated with it to plan accordingly.

To save you the time it takes to research when you could be browsing for bathroom accessories, we’ve put together a first-rate guide on what you need to know before starting a bathroom addition.

The Budget

With any investment, the budget must be set and considered prior to any payments. A bathroom retouch will often be less expensive than a complete remodel and often range anywhere between $3,000-$5,000. It includes the wallpaper, paint, the bathtub/shower, and flooring. Whereas, installing a completely new bathroom addition will boost the price well into the $25,000 and over the range. It may be an expensive investment, but it is sensible for homeowners that want a fresh start and use bathroom accessories that do not go out of style. Once you consider the price range you want to work with and remodelling you want to be done, you can start allocating prices for additional fixtures.


The duration of the remodel will depend on a variety of considerations, including the bathroom size, certain fixtures that will have to be installed or custom made, and the time it will take a contractor to complete the project. Hiring a contracting company to complete your project may make for a shorter duration and more impressive results.


Planning the colours, textures, styles, and design of the bathroom is crucial. Consider who is using the space and whether you want to keep it traditional, modern, full of colour or neutral.

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