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Using the 3 Layers of Lighting for Your Bathroom

Between getting ready for work and performing our nightly routines (not to mention all the times ‘nature calls’) we spend A LOT of time in the bathroom. And because of the many functions a bathroom has, we need options when it comes to lighting. To make sure our bathrooms are well lit, the fixtures complement the overall aesthetic, and everything in between, it is important to present your lighting in three different layers.

Ambient Lighting

As the primary source, ambient lighting evenly distributes lighting by providing a broad wash of light in a given space. It is also used to improve the warmth and depth of a room. Common ambient lighting fixtures shine from above, like chandeliers, pendants, and flush mounts.

Task Lighting

The purpose of task lighting in a bathroom is to shed ample light in areas where we perform our daily grooming duties. Because these tasks are usually done in front of a mirror, LED mirrors and vanity lights are a great choice. However, we mustn't forget about lighting the shower and tub areas, too.

Accent Lighting

This is where lighting goes beyond its intended purpose. Fixtures can be statement pieces that complement a room’s overall concept, too. Accent lighting is a great way to show off personal taste and style. It can also showcase the bathroom’s architectural features and additional décor.

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