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Bring Warmth to Your Space With Lighting

As we head into a season synonymous with cuddling up by the fire and watching Netflix under a warm blanket, your lighting can help you settle into this cozy time of year.

Warm and soft white light adds a cozy touch to any living space. It helps

us relax, unwind and get comfortable in the cooler evenings. Use these tips to bring warmth to any space in your home.

Install Multiple Light Fixtures

Rather than lighting a room from a single source, scatter multiple low-wattage fixtures for a softer atmosphere.

Light Candles

Don't just reserve candles for power outages, light them up to add a more homey feel to your living space. Try candles with fall and winter scents to really cozy up your area.

Use Dimmer Switches

Put your lights on dimmer switches so you can instantly adjust the level of light in the room. Slowly dim the lighting of your space as you wind down for the evening.

Get a Grown-Up Nightlight

Himalayan salt lamps can set the mood without emitting much light. Put one out on a bedside table to give your space some glow.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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