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Deck the Halls With Indoor Christmas Lights

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

For plenty of households, indoor Christmas decorations start and end with the Christmas tree. But why not take it to the next level with indoor lights this holiday season?!

Of course, there are a few things to consider when lighting the inside of your home with Christmas lights. You’re dealing with specific measurements, themes, pre-existing light, functionality, and maybe even a curious pet or two! Giving these simple suggestions a try could make your home's interior just as festive as the outside.

Go With LED

First things first: when deciding on the type of lights for your home, most of them should be LED. LED lights emit very little heat and use less energy.

Construct a Light Curtain

If you’re in a smaller space, try creating a curtain of lights to separate rooms – similar to a bead curtain. Divide some of your living space with relaxing lights, as opposed to walls.

Put Lights on the Ceiling

Add some magic to an entire room by bordering the ceiling with lights. Just put up a few small nails in the corners and drape lights from there.

Light the Way

Similar to movie theatre aisles, try lining your halls with small lights. This addition might help with those midnight bathroom runs, too!

Make Your Lights Pull Double Duty

You can really kill two birds with one stone by dressing your windows with lights from the inside. Not only are you decorating the interior of your house, the lights will give off some extra glow that can be seen from the street.

Dress All of Your Plants

If you have more greenery in your home than the Christmas tree, you can decorate those too! Just be sure that the branches are strong enough to hold a line of lights.

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