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3 Essential Outdoor Lighting Basics

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Outdoor lighting is essential for any type of outdoor space because it will allow you to enjoy your home's exterior. Outdoor lighting will help your home feel welcoming, even after the sun goes down, because your entrances, backyard and driveway will all be well-lit.

If you are planning on installing outdoor lighting, the following are some aspects you should consider:


This must be a priority so that you don’t experience slips or falls, or run into anything. When your entrances and pathways are well-lit, they will be shadow free and will prevent you, your family members and any guests from falling. This is especially important if your property has stairs because they are often a primary cause of injury. You can choose to use individual step lights that can be mounted on a post or stair railing or can use flexible LED strip lighting, which can be cut to size for every one of your steps. These are just two of the options that are available and there are more, depending on the type of stairs you have. Whether it’s a deck, stone or concrete, you will be able to find lighting that suits your needs.

Backyard Features

Decide on the outdoor features you would like to highlight because lighting can help your favourite aspects stand out. Whether you have a favourite tree, a sculpture or a fountain you want to show off, outdoor lighting will ensure such features get noticed at night. You can create a beautiful setting because the effects from the lights will enhance your outdoor elements and will add beauty to your yard.

Your Lifestyle

Outdoor lighting can help you create the perfect space to suit your lifestyle. Once the warm weather arrives, you and your family will want to spend as much time outdoors as possible and a relaxing outdoor space will allow you to do that, even when the sun goes down. You will be able to spend your evenings outdoors and the proper lighting will ensure your space is both comfortable and well-lit. There are so many styles of outdoor lighting, so you can add an outdoor chandelier if you want to create a space that is elegant and bright or can include a dimming system so that you can control the level of lighting based on the evening. Either option is suitable for family gatherings, parties, dinners or for relaxing alone, so you can choose the option that best suits your lifestyle needs.

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